EnergyHog – Tips and Tricks for Energy Saving


Imagine you are carrying a heavy rock to a certain destination; however you are quite worn out by the time you arrive. On the other hand, you could thud the rock down a push cart with no sweat. The result at the end is the same with the rock taken to its destination but the latter method requires less energy, you are not depleted and gasping for air no matter what. EnergyHog uses this same principle to work with your utilities.

About EnergyHog

EnergyHog is an energy efficiency campaign developed by Ad Council and run by the Alliance. Their aim is to save energy through enlightenment and bringing issues to light of the advantages of energy efficiency.

Tips and Tricks to Saving Energy


EnergyHog checklists the following energy saving precautions for homes and energy-saving appliances with little or no cost.

  1. Only warm the rooms you need. Close vents and entryways of unused room.
  2. Activate “sleep” features on computers and office utilities that go off when not being used for some time (as soon as you finish to play on your casino en ligne).
  3. Introduce low-stream showerheads and sink aerators to decrease hot water use.
  4. Turn your warming or chilling off each night and before leaving your home. If possible introduce an ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat; when utilized effectively it can spare you some money by modifying the temperature.

It is necessary to note that at the point, when it is ideal to change an old appliance, ensure it has earned the ENERGY STAR mark. This implies that the items are more effective than normal ones. Though with higher costs, remember you will be making it back with lower energy bills.

Importance of Saving Energy


The importance of energy saving cannot be overemphasized as it helps to increase comfort in our homes throughout the seasons of the year and preventing the emission of greenhouse gases. In today’s world, the greater part of all ozone depleting substances originate from power plants and the use of natural gases. Therefore, by utilizing less energy, you help battle worldwide climate change.